Friday, 11 February 2011

Fruit, Awards and E.L.F

This is going to be a bit of a mish mash post as I don't have anything really specific to blog about's Friday, I'm lazy!

First I thought I'd give a quick update on my healthy skin from the inside post which you can read here. For the past two weeks I have been munching on a lot of pineapple and kiwi fruit, and quite a few bananas! Why these? For a start, they are complete taste sensations - pineapple and kiwi more so than bananas. I looked up the health benefits of these fruits and what I found was pretty impressive. 

- Loaded with vitamins and minerals
- Strengthens weak bones
- Good for gums
- Prevents Macular Degeneration (loss of vision in old age)
- Helps arthritis
- Helps suppress coughs and colds
- Aids digestion
- Helps prevent sinusitis and bronchitis
- Reduces the risk of blood clots

Kiwi Fruit:
- Prevents asthma and other respiratory diseases
- Fights cardiovascular diseases
- Anti cancer
- Aids digestion
- Protects your eyes
- Manages blood pressure
- Good for skin
- Boosts immunity
- Fights male impotency
- Supports healthy birth

- Boost of energy
- Cures a hangover
- Helps quit smoking
- Reduces risk of stroke
- Improves your mood
- Keeps you alerts
- Beneficial in the treatment of anemia
- Helps kidney disorders

It's good to know that something as simple as fruit can have so many benefits - this week I have eaten a whole pineapple, a kiwi fruit every day and three bananas - I save bananas for just before the gym for the energy! In general I do feel better in myself, my skin feels fresher and less tired. Next week I'm going to try a mango - I've only eaten the dried variety!

I've been award three blog awards in the last two weeks!
I got the versatile blogger from Bang Bang Smack Ouch and Pretty In The Desert.

And the Awesome Blog Award from Beau Fashion.

Thank you lovely ladies!

I don't think I can think of 21 things to say about myself right now so I'm just going to do 7, I hope that's ok!

1. When I go to the gym I have to burn an even number of calories, so I will do a little bit of extra exercise to make up the numbers, or stop just before I go over.
2. I hate being cold - in my office I have the air con blowing heat right over me. In my old office I would sit in my coat all day because the air con never blew heat out!
3. I love relaxing in my big lounge pants - if I don't have to go anywhere this is what I'm usually wearing!
4. I love getting dressed up too though! I have to wear a dress when I go out - never trousers or jeans. Sometimes a skirt but nothing makes me feel glam like a dress.
5. I have one tattoo.
6. I have a double bed but I always sleep right on the edge.
7. My nails have finally started to grow under my falsies, but I'm too scared to take them off for good in case I start to bite my nails again!

I'm going to award the Awesome Blog award to these 5 lovely blogs:

Go and read them now!

And lastly...
e.l.f are offering a free nail polish with your order when you spend over £10 until midnight on Monday 14th Feb!

Have a lovely Friday night, whatever you are all doing!


  1. Congrats on the awards x

  2. Those fruit pictures are so cute! Fresh pineapple is my favourite fruit. x

  3. Well done on the awards lovely, and thaaaank you so much for mine =) xx

  4. @Miss LV - Thank you!

    @LilyLipstick - Haha I know! Yeah, it's so lush, I'm really loving it right now :)

    @Hayles - Thank you and you're welcome!

  5. Congratulations!!! :)
    I love pineapples, but they make my tongue break out :( I usually grab a banana on my way to the gym, too!! They're so easy and really do give me energy, especially if I'm working out first thing in the morning.

  6. Congrats sweetie and thank u so much for mine!!

  7. wow, these fruits really do some great stuff!
    and congrats for the award :)


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