Monday, 14 February 2011

Sweaty Gig Beats Sunday Night TV!

Last night I reverted back to my nineteen year old self and travelled up to Birmingham to see My Chemical Romance at the LG Arena! My boyfriend kindly accompanied me despite not really knowing very many of their songs. Last night was the third time I've seen them now - I got stupidly excited when they announced a tour last year and bought tickets before I stopped to think that I might be a bit too old now! Oh well!
A fabulous time was had by all - it's been almost three years since I went to a gig and I enjoyed every last sweaty second of it! They played a mixture of songs from all four of their albums which I loved.
My gig photography skills are pretty appalling, but I'd thought I'd post a couple of the good ones, enjoy :)

Check out the killer eyelashes!

Back to regular posts on Wednesday!


  1. I <3 it!!! i Love MCR and you are never too old to gig it out haha =] your lashes looks amazing! xx

  2. Woah looks like you guys managed to get pretty close to the stage! You and your boyfriend look so cute together, you're so pretty! Love the lashes :)

  3. @Hayles - Haha very true! Thank you, I love them!

    @prettyinthedesert - Yeah, we were lucky considering we arrived a bit later to skip the support bands!

  4. Oh their not my cup of tea lol. But it was nice your boyfriend went with u, hope u had a great time.
    I am selling a dress you might like, take a look

  5. @...Beau Fashion...We had a great time thank you! Ooh I'll pop on over and have a look now :)

  6. aww you looking lovely honey :) hope you had a gr8 time. wowzah don't listen to their music but that lead singer is hooooot! Never would've thought hair that shade would look so good on a guy... ;)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. Thanks for entering my giveaway girl! I wish you good luck :)

  8. @Aysh - Yeah he is! We had a lovely time thank you!

    @London's-beauty - Thanks!


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