Friday, 25 February 2011

Superdrug MUA Lipstick - My Perfect Pink

I never thought my perfect lipstick would be cheaper than Heat magazine!

Superdrug MUA Lipstick 3.8g in Shade 12

I bought this sooo long ago and just sort of forgot about it! But yesterday morning I was rooting around my make-up while I was putting my 'work face' on and I found this!

I've never been great at wearing lipstick, I always prefer a gloss or plain old Vaseline. I do tend to wear quite a bit of make-up to work these days but I always keep my eyes quite neutral so I decided to try this lippy out - and I love it!

The cute pink colour is so wearable for everyday; it's not so bright that I get self conscious, but it's just the right amount to be noticed and if you look closely there are tiny little flecks of sparkle that make it lovely and shimmery.

I find it goes well with my Bourjois blush in Rose D'or - they are quite a similar shade.

I applied this at 8:30am yesterday morning and it lasted up until lunch, around 1.30pm before I felt the need to reapply. It's very easy to apply and not drying at all.
I think I could wear this day and night and I can see it fast becoming part of my daily make-up routine.

The only bad thing I can say is that the actual lipstick is a little wobbly inside the tube but as long as you're careful with it, this shouldn't be a problem!

Next time I'm near a Superdrug I think it's only fair that I try out some of their other colours - there are 13 shades in total - £13 for 13 lipsticks - can't get much better than that!

4 and a half out of 5 monkeys easy!

Thanks Superdrug!

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  1. It's very pretty - I've got a MUA lippie in shade 2 and don't like it at all :P (too dark for me), but this one's lovely. Going into town later so might check it out ;)

  2. I always look at that, but never actually buy it! it looks gorg in your snaps, *off to Superdrug I go*


  3. I really need to try some stuff from this line, i havent yet :S thats so bad lol :) x

  4. It looks so pretty! I really need to try some of the MUA stuff, there are so many good things being said about them! x

  5. need to try this, thanks hun x

  6. I Bought A Nice Light Pink One.... But It Doesn't Work Or Show Up.... I Have To Put Fondation On My Lips To Make It Show Up..... But It Goes All Weird Looking :'( Someone Help! <3


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