Thursday, 24 February 2011

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth

I purchased this from Ebay for the low price of £2.00 as I wasn't keen on spending over a fiver on what may or may not work.

The product promises "stronger, longer nails in just 10 days."

I started using it a couple of weeks ago under my false nails, and now that I have taken them off I apply it every couple of days, or every time I change my nail polish.
As a base coat and top coat it's brilliant as it dries in half the time of a regular clear polish.

I think it's working.

As a lifelong nail biter, managing to get my nails to grow even to the tips of my fingers is a task and a half, but low and behold, I seem to have developed actual fingernails! My right hand is doing better than my left but hopefully they will catch up!

When I press down (gently) on my nails they don't feel quite as flimsy as I thought they would - I've probably grown my nails less than a handful of times in my life and each time they are just really weak and bendy which is why they start to break and I just give up and start nibbling away again.

Hopefully, with this polish and a lot of good old fashioned willpower I will have lovely long nails in no time - wish me luck!


  1. i am a biter too and mine are aflaky thin state, maybe I should give this a bash! thanks for your comment love- I too struggle with any natural light, but i am also a crap photographer so think that contributes to my poor photos too :)


  2. I just left you a comment and no idea if it worked- ahhh In summar- I want this :)


  3. @BeautyH2T - hehe yes it worked! It's definitely worth trying, it seems to be working on my nails :)

  4. I have the Maximum Growth base coat and I think it does work. Smells awful but if it helps my nails then I'll put up with it! x

  5. I have the blue one, it's just the serum, I think. It works really well! I need a new top coat so I think I'll try this. My nails have grown out really well cuz of the shellac, but I'm worried that they'll get thin and break (or I'll bite :( )


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