Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Goodbye Money, Hello GHD's!

This is what I came home to today!

The ghd IV styler that I have been using for the past 18 months has been slowly deteriorating over the past two weeks, and on Saturday morning it gave up completely.
Unfortunately I had purchased it off EBay - what a mistake - so no guarantee!

I am a straightener-aholic and absolutely cannot live without my ghd's so in a total panic I got straight onto ghdhair.com and ordered a new pair with money I just don't have at the moment! However, they are totally worth it.
These beauties are the Gold Classic Styler and will set you back £119. You do get free delivery though, and a free hairbrush- the choices are Ceramic Vented Radial Brush, Natural Bristle Radial Brush, Paddle Brush, Oval Dressing Brush, De-Tangling Comb and Tail Comb.
I went for the paddle brush and it's lovely - very happy with my choice!

I also want to add that these arrived in record time - ordered Saturday morning, here by Tuesday afternoon, no complaints from me!

The Gold Classic Styler promises a cooler, lighter body, smoother plates and a professional finish. I've had a quick go with them and they are so light and feel so smooth over my hair...can't wait to try them out properly!

What are you absolute beauty must haves?


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  1. I <3 my GHD! The beauty supply shop I worked at sold those. My mom does hair & I had a total of 3 straighteners so I didn't want to buy another one BUT the hubby got me one for my birthday! Yay!
    I dont think I could live without mine :)

  2. Nothing compares 2 GHD'S


  3. @Hannah Lebron - 3 pairs of straighteners! Lucky you!

    @...Beau Fashion... - I know right, I couldn't live without mine :)


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