Friday, 4 February 2011


So my first week in my new job is over, and what a quick week it's been! Being able to walk to work in ten minutes everyday feels so much better than an hour's drive to work there and back - usually by Friday I'm exhausted and ready to drop but tonight I feel full of energy! I've had a good session at the gym, and I'm hoping that no more stress and tiredness will mean no more dull, dry skin.

I've had the new office to myself today so I've mainly been listening to Radio One and just relishing the peace and quiet!
When I logged into my account today I was very happy to see I've got 47 followers! I'm so grateful that I've got readers and followers because I really love my little blog and I'm glad there's people who like it too; I appreciate every comment and reader so so much!

SO...I think when I reach 50 followers I'll have a little giveaway just to say thank you!

Would you be up for that?


  1. I love your little blog too :)

    yay to givaway! im gunna have one soon too, im gathering some bits for it as i type!

    keep up the great posts :D


Thank you for your comment, I love reading them!

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