Sunday, 20 February 2011

Sunday Nails - Polka Dots!

I've taken my false nails off so I apologise for my little nails - they are growing slowly!

I was going to use the free Barry M polish from last weeks Buzz magazine, but it smelt like paint thinner and the consistency wasn't great either so no thank you to that!

I decided instead to do cute polka dots using Barry M Spring Green and NYC French White Tip - the NYC was a bargain at 99p from Superdrug! The Barry M only needed two coats, and it's such a gorgeous green - I might keep it on for a while.

I bent apart a kirby grip and used the end to make the white dots; it was the only thing I could find to use!

It's a bit wobbly, but for my first attempt I quite like it!

What do you think?


  1. That colour is lovely, i'm currently growing my nails and can't wait to start painting them!


  2. How clever of you!! That's really cute. I will have to remember the bobby pin trick :) Your post-extension nails look just like my regular ones haha!

  3. They look so good!
    Such a good way of doing them as well. I shall definitely be trying your kirby grip tip!xx

  4. I love the shade of green you used. That's a great idea to use a kirby grip for the dots too. x

  5. This looks super cute x

  6. Wobbly?? Look perfect hun! Really love the polka dot design & especially how you improvised with a kirby grip! And there was me browsing all evening last night for nail art tools...cheers hun! Will deffo be giving this a go :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  7. Glad you all like it, I actually haven't stopped looking at my nails since I did them!

  8. Super cute! Gotta love Barry M nail polishes (=

  9. this looks so good :) I actually thought you had used a stencil haha! Need to keep this tip in mind :) x

  10. wow how did you get it so tidy with a kirby grip! amazing!

  11. ahhh that looks really cool!



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