Friday, 21 January 2011

Perfect Skin From The Inside

I've seen a lot of bloggers document their quest for perfect skin through various cleansing routines, different beauty treatments and plenty of makeup! While I am, of course, always on the same quest, I've decided to try a different method to get glowing skin on the outside by looking after my skin from the inside with food.
It's coming towards the end of January and it's fair to say that my poor skin is suffering - it looks dull and tired, I'm getting a few breakouts and I'm generally feeling and looking tired all the time.
I admit I'm still eating quite a lot of chocolate and snacking way too much during the day on the wrong things...this needs to change now!

After this bag of mini eggs has been demolished - which I bought today after a particularly draining day at work - I'm replacing all the rubbish with fresh fruit and vegetables and going back to three healthy meals a day. Because lets face it, eating rubbish only ends up making you feel rubbish and who wants that? We should all want to feel good about ourselves!

I'm looking foward to berries, fish, salads, homemade soup, brown rice...because in reality these are all foods that I absolutely love, I've just slipped into bad habits over the last couple of weeks and it's become all to easy to grab a bar of chocolate instead of a banana. I posted last week about going back to the gym and it seems like such a shame to be wasting all that hard work by eating the wrong things.  

So, here's to achieving better skin through eating a better diet! I'll update regularly on how it's going; if anyone else is doing anything similar I'd love to hear about it! 

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  1. Hi Leah, I gave you an award as I love your blog, head over to mine and check it out if your interested! xx


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