Wednesday, 16 March 2011

What Is Your Must Have Basic Beauty Item?

Mine is cotton wool pads!

These basic, cheap little round pads are a constant must have for me; I use them for everything! Removing makeup, applying toner, taking off nail polish, creating make-shift eye masks...I can easily get through 100 in a month, they're so handy and so much better than cotton wool balls.

What is your must have, can't live without, most basic beauty item?


  1. These + witch hazel are my saviours haha x

  2. hmmm. I think that my most basic beauty product that I always have to have is sunscreen. I've worn it regularly since I was about 17 (haha I had a few bad years!) but it's definitely the biggest part of my daily routine. I'm lucky to have the genes that I do, but I still don't wanna risk getting any wrinkles or sun spots!

  3. I go through so many cotton wool pads! I use them to apply my pressed powder as then I can use a fresh one every day. Cotton buds are a must-have too, great for concealer application and eyeliner smudging. x


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