Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Sarah Jessica Parker NYC Fragrance

The lovely Linsay from Ramblings From A Beauty Newbie kindly donated me her SJP NYC fragrance due to lack of use, and it arrived today!
Technically it arrived yesterday but it has been held hostage at the Post Office overnight as no one was home to receive it. Luckily the Post Office opens late on a Wednesday so I was able to pop in and collect it on my way to my Body Pump class hence the late post!

 She also sent me a tin of travel sweets and a cute little tin of handcream - the handcream smells delicious and feels lovely, and I've been happily munching away while I write this!

Thank you Linsay!

I love Sex and the City. I love Carrie Bradshaw. And now I love this fragrance! It is described as
 "inspired by the essence and spirit of Sarah Jessica Parker’s beloved character, Carrie Bradshaw, walking down her favourite New York city streets."
It has a lovely fruity, floral smell and I can see this getting used a lot in the summer months!


  1. Teehee, i can't believe it arrived it on Tuesday, so quick!
    Those sweets are awesome, I love em :)

    Linsay xx

  2. You lucky girl, how sweet of Lindsay x x x

  3. Awww how sweet was linsay, i really need to get this perfume! xx

  4. Oh I've heard this fragrance is very sweet! Sounds yummy! x

  5. I got this perfume for christmas and was suprised at how nice it was (im fussy with perfume!) I love the packaging too, :) xx


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