Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Avon Super Shock Mascara

Avon Super Shock Mascara 10ml £5.00

This mascara was a free gift with one of my mum's Avon orders a while back and she gave it to me as she doesn't really wear a lot of mascara.

It's been at the bottom of my make-up bag for weeks so I decided last week to try it out as I'm coming to the end of my Clinique trial sized mascara and I still haven't gotten around to buying a new one, tut tut!
I've never used Avon mascara before and sadly after using this I am not too keen to try any others.

They Say: "Thickening base coat and plumping colour in one for volumised lashes."

I Say: To start with, the brush is huge. Like seriously massive. My eyes are not exactly super wide so I admit I was a bit daunted and did actually end up poking myself in the eye quite severely! I continued on with it though to see if it lived up to its description.

Due to the size of the brush, rather than upward sweeps I ended up doing zig zag sweeps over my lashes to avoid getting the product on my skin above my eyes.

It does make my lashes look very thick and dark which I love, however I wouldn't say it has particularly volumised them.

Its staying power isn't as good as other mascaras I've tried - at the end of the day I've looked in the mirror to see that it has smudged over my upper eye - not a good look! My skin my be oily but I can't say this is a problem I've had with other mascaras.

Despite this, when it came to remove it with a make-up wipe it didn't want to go anywhere! I used a baby wipe to clean the majority off which took quite a bit of work, and when I came to wash my face I was left with little black 'bits' all over my face. Again, I've never come across this problem with any other mascara!

Would I repurchase? Unfortunately not! For me, the negative points far outweigh the only positive I found which was thicker lashes.

Have you used this mascara? Let me know if you had a better experience than me with it!


  1. I have this mascara and had similar problems with it. Although I find that if I just use it on my top lashes and use another mascara over it and on my bottom lashes then it doesn't smudge. Although that's a little too much hassle so I definitely would not repurchase this! x

  2. I tried this mascara too and wasnt impressed xxx

  3. Too bad, this is actually my and my sisters favorite mascara, she repurchased it several times (I don't use it everyday because it makes my lashes miles long and sometimes it just fells too much)and still loves it


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