Friday, 4 March 2011

Clinique High Impact Mascara

I wasn’t going to do a post on the free Clinique products with Glamour magazine for two reasons: 
1 – everyone else has posted about it so I didn’t feel the need.
 2 – I didn’t intend to buy Glamour this month in the first place as I find I don’t really make an effort to read it all.

But the other day I discovered my regular mascara was running on empty. Then last night I had to pop to the Co-Op to pick up some bits and pieces and I spied Glamour with free mascara. £2 for a 4g mascara and a magazine seemed too good a deal to pass up as this will hopefully last me until I can get around to buying a new full size one!

So basically I just wanted to post to rave about the Clinique Mascara! It’s amazing. In all honesty I wasn’t expecting much from a miniature freebie as from past experience magazine freebies always seem to lack the same quality as full priced ‘real’ products.

They Say: “This mascara gives maximum volume, definition and length by using a brush that combs and separates the lashes as it applies dramatic colour! Lengthens and volumises effortlessly with no clumping!”

I usually use Boujoirs Volumiser, which gives you a small brush for the first coat, and a fat brush for the second coat to pump up the volume of your lashes, as it were. I mostly use the smaller brush for daytime application unless I am wearing contact lenses then I will use both as people can actually see my eyes!

Clinique High Impact offers the perfect day time mascara – it separates and lengthens my lashes an absolute treat. My lashes are naturally quite fair and this coats them really well – I’m glad they offered the black one instead of brown as I never use anything other than black mascara.

I wouldn’t say it creates as much volume as my Bourjous mascara so I don’t think I would use it for a night out, purely because I like the drama of a heavier eye; having said that, I usually opt for falsies anyway!

After 10 hours wear it has stayed in place - sometimes I get smudged mascara on my eyelids but this hasn't budged!
The full sized version retails for £14.81 for 8g on the Boots website which is quite pricey as mascara’s go, but this has definitely wowed me enough to want to spend the money on it.

Have you used this mascara before?


  1. Good review huni, I am now wondering why I dont own a clinique mascara lol x

  2. I love Clinique mascaras, I love this one and their lash defining one is amazing too. I ended up getting two issues of this month's Glamour - couldn't resist the Superbalm and the lipstick! x

  3. I love this mascara! It's one of my favorites for sure :)

  4. Great review :)
    I've used this before and it really is a great mascara - leaves my lashes looking natural, yet long and volumised

  5. I got this mascara when the clinique counters were doing the "give us yer old mascara and we'll give ye a trial of this" offer and I LOVE it. it's awesome :D x

  6. I got this with Glamour too, haven't tried it yet, but I have high hopes! :)



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