Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Rediscovering My Love For Primark

What can you buy for £30 right now? Maybe a cute top from Topshop or a pretty pair of shoes from Miss Selfridge...or you can go wild in Primark which is what I may have done today! Clearly the budget has been temporarily thrown out of the window, eek!

I did go off Primark for quite a while as it seemed like their prices were getting higher so I opted for  New Look instead - similar prices and better quality. Working opposite a Primark is proving to be quite dangerous though!

I popped in today in search of a coral skirt - I'm loving anything coral and pink right now, it must be the promise of warmer weather around the corner - and I came out with three skirts, two tops, two necklaces and a neck scarf for the grand total of £32; whoops!

I will try and do some outfit posts of my purchases  in the near future but today I mainly wanted to show you the necklaces because they are just so cute! I'm a huge fan of Primark jewellery - I'm no snob - so when I saw these at £1.50 each I just had to have them, I'm sure you understand!

What do you think?


  1. cute rocking horse necklace x x x

  2. Oh, those necklaces are adorable!

  3. I love the rocking horse necklace! Primark does have some good stuff in there :)


  4. What a great deal! I love New Look. I think that they have some cute things and their prices are great, especially if they are having one of their sales! Their sales are crazy! Some of their stuff is a little cheaper looking, but they do have some great stuff.

  5. I <3 Primark Jewellery too!! So cute x

  6. Aww, the rocking horse necklace is so cute! I've become such a Primark addict over the last couple of weeks because there's one on my walk up to Uni. It's deadly! x

  7. I absolutely ADORE the heart necklace and I will be going in on Thursday in the hope they have them in Dublin.

  8. CUTE CUTE CUTE! I want everything you purchased :) I've also just got a horse charm necklace recently, but its more of a wild stallion than a rocking horse!


  9. Love the necklace, there's a little necklace in Primark with a little blue and white china style teapot pendant, it's adorable :) There are definitely some good finds in Primark! x

  10. gorgeous necklaces, i especially adore the beautiful rocking horse one <3

    lovely bargains!

  11. I wish I had a Primark where I live ! :(
    Jealous much?!?!!

    http://hazzaapee.blogspot.com/ xxx


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