Friday, 18 March 2011

Bubblegum Pink

Collection 2000 Lasting Colour Lipstick in Bubblegum 

I don't think I've bought anything from Collection 2000 since I was in secondary school and I used their liquid liners to paint tattoo's on myself...yeah, I was cool! Their packaging seems to have been greatly improved since I was fourteen though and it looks so much more pretty and appealing.

I nipped into Boots on my lunch hour to check out some lippies. I've always been a sheer or toned down lipstick kinda gal, but I want to be a bit more daring! I'm going out tomorrow night so I wanted something bright to wear on my lips. It's a week before pay day so I also wanted something fairly cheap. I browsed reds, corals and pinks and finally settled for a very full on pink! It certainly wasn't the brightest pink they had, but it was definitely one of the top three - pink shock and sweet tart were the other contenders but I will save them for a later date.

Eager as always, I rushed straight back to work and applied it right away.
I do remember owing some of their lipsticks as a young teenager and I remember it being quite dry, so I was really pleasantly surprised to discover how lush and creamy this is! It applies like a dream and the colour is so pigmented - it's fair to say I am in love with this lipstick and I'm looking forward to wearing it out tomorrow night!

What do you think of Bubblegum Pink?


  1. uh..i'm going to Tesco soon, and i'm gonna pick this up!! haha this is an awesome colour, i'm sure Tesco has a collection 2000 stand


  2. I love barbie pink lipsticks! Collection 2000 are pretty good for the price now, I have a few bits and peices from them, they are a good brand to buy if you're trying out something new and don't want to spend too much incase you don't like it! x

  3. Oh that's so pretty! It looks great on you, very girlie. I wish I could pull off bubble gum pinks, but they tend to just look really peptobismol-y against my skin :(

  4. Thanks, will need to check this out!

    I nominated you for a wee blog award!



  5. Its a bit to bright for me

  6. looks absolutely gorgeous love, I so need to check it out- I hear there foundations are actually worth a bash too!

    have a great night out


  7. Heya hun, Ive given you an award, please view it here:

  8. Its a beautiful shade :) x

  9. i love this!!!



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