Friday, 14 January 2011

Spring Purchases

I'm starting a new job in just over two weeks time, so with Spring coming up and today being payday, I thought I would treat myself to some cute new work clothes. I've only ever worked in places/offices with a casual dress code, and this means I have never had an 'official' work wardrobe and I end up getting fed up of my clothes because I wear them to work, on the weekend etc with no real divide. So I've decided to build myself a work wardrobe. My new office is also casual dress but if I have pretty office clothes that are different to my everday clothes then getting up in the morning will be that little bit better! These are my purchases today.

A|Wear Floral T-Shirt £16


I love simple, cute tops like this one, as it will go with trouser, skirts shorts, etc. Looking at this model makes me wish I'd never started to grow my fringe out; the head scarf is screaming 'buy me' but I really don't think I could pull it off!

ASOS Spot Peg Jersey Trousers £25

I've been in two minds about these trousers for a couple of days, but I thought if they arrive and I hate them I'll just send them back. I'm wondering if they're the sort of thing that look great on the model, but when I wear them they'll just look like pyjamas?! A lot of shops are doing floral or coloured trousers and leggings so I'm hoping it's a trend that works for me! I just like the fact that they are different; I'm not much of a jeans person bar the odd pair of skinny jeans and these caught my eye instantly.

 River Island Black Print Waisted Shell Top £26.99

I noticed this top when I was browsing the instore sales and made a mental note of it, then today I was looking at the River Island website, saw it again and had to have it! I'm thinking of getting a pair of skinny trousers, or jegging to wear with it. This is my second bird print top in two months, but I love how fresh it looks.

Has anyone else made any early Spring puchases yet?

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