Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Nails

I wasn't going to post anything tonight as I posted yesterday, but I was doing my nails while I was watching Glee and thought I'd share with you. Ignore the fake tan smeared all over my hands, oops!
I was inspired by Alex of Life After 20 who has sparkly blue nails!

I've still got the same polish on from yesterday's post, but I wanted to jazz it up a bit, so using a glitter eyeliner from the George at Asda range I painted just the tips.

As an eyeliner I'm not really impressed with it, but because the applicator is so fine it is perfect for a bit of nail art.
I'm still waiting for the glitter to dry before I apply a top coat, and so far I've only done my left hand - but there you have it, cute nails with no fuss!

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!


  1. oh thats a great idea, i would never have thought to use a glitter eyeliner like that!
    it looks so professional too!

    lovely :)

  2. Whoo thats me!!!
    Where nail buddies : )
    Yours look FAB

  3. So pretty! I love this Nails Inc offer!

  4. No ways are you rubbish at nail art :) these look lovely and such a good idea to use a glitter liner x

  5. Cute nails! I didn't know that Goerge made makeup? We have this clothing brand at Wal-Mart here in Quebec, but they only sell clothes (and shoes).

    You take amazing pictures!

  6. @Gaby - Thank you! Yeah the makeup line is amazingly cheap but you do get some good stuff sometime!


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