Saturday, 1 January 2011


Happy New Year!

Last night was the first night in quite a few years that I stayed in, but I'm glad of it really.
Today is my mums 50th birthday and she has been given some lovely gifts. My Dad, Brother, Boyfriend and I clubbed together and bought a gift voucher for a gorgeous spa near to where we live, so my mum can choose whatever treatment she wants; they do amazing things like entire body mud wraps, massages, facials etc. I’m definitely booking myself in for a treatment when my mum goes!

My cold is still hanging over me, and I feel the worst today – I’m writing this from my bed – which means that the tonight’s birthday dinner plans have been cancelled in favour of a Chinese takeaway. I feel so bad about this; my body has chosen the worst time to come down with a cold. We still have birthday cake to eat though.

The last two weeks have consisted of:
(lots of) Wine
Glittery nail polish
Fake eyelashes
Fake nails
Fake tan
Going out in the cold with not enough layers

No wonder my body has just given up!

I think its time to settle quietly into January and concentrate on getting back to the gym, back to eating healthily and back to drinking water, not wine!
This year feels like a fresh start for me – at the end of the month I am packing up the contents of my desk and starting a brand new job; I’m very excited about 2011!

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