Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Avon Night Cream Review

Avon Solutions p.m. Total Radiance Night Cream 50ml

They Say: “Light non-greasy cream provides hydration all through the night, giving your skin a dewy glow.”

I Say: “The skin on my face, which is usually quite oily, has been so dry recently. I blame having a cold, the cold weather and the unbearably hot showers I love so much. My cheeks are the worst, they have starting to sting after I take my makeup off. Usually I try not to moisturize my face which I know is a bad idea, but it just makes my skin even oilier.

A few months ago I purchased this cream from Avon because my skin went through a dull period and I wanted something to pep it up. I've been slathering it all over my face at night, and when I wake up, it has all absorbed into my skin without creating an all over shine that I would get from a regular moisteriser. The cream looks quite thick in the photo, but it is really very light, and I would use maybe just under half of what you can see on my hand to cover my whole face generously.

It is definitely making a difference as my makeup is going on easier and is looking less cakey - this got to be a problem and even my boyfriend was noticing my poor dry skin.
The pot may not look very pretty, but the cream has a lovely scent, and for only £6, it is a total bargain and such a great product; I will definitely be re-purchasing when I run out. A well deserved 4 monkeys!”


  1. I love your nail polishes! They're so detailed!

  2. @Megan - Thank you! It was supposed to be leopard print but my bf said they looked more like strawberries!


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