Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Lip Gloss Review

I thought I’d review my various lip glosses, but instead of giving them star ratings, to tie in with my blog title I’m giving out monkeys!

L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6hr Lip Gloss 6ml in Oriental Fuchsia

They Say: “L’Oreal Paris’ first lips gloss that shines for up to 6 hours! L’Oreal Paris Glam Shine 6 Hours Lip Gloss offers a perfect balance between shine and staying power; just one sweep is enough to achieve plump, gloss looking lips”.

I Say: “I received this as part of a free gift in a L’Oreal offer, and I’m really pleased I’ve got it. The tube, colour and raspberry smell of this lip gloss are just lovely! I can’t comment on whether it really does last for 6 hours because I keep licking it off and re-applying, oops! The heart shaped applicator is a really pretty touch, but I find it just a little bit flimsy, especially when applying the gloss to my top lip and for this it gets four monkeys!"

Rimmel Volume Booster Lip Plump Gloss 6ml in Allure
99p from Fragrance Direct

They Say: Plump it up! Up to 40% fuller looking lips with Collagen and Hyaluronic spheres. Immediate shine. Lasts up to 6 hours. Feel the lip plumping sensation!”

I Say: “I’ve had this lip gloss for ages; I bought it when I went brunette, before I was brave enough to wear lipstick, but I still wear it on the odd occasion now. The colour is a lovely red and tints my lips enough to make a noticable diffence in colour, and it is definitely shiny. There is a slight tingling sensation on my lips when I apply it, sort of like when you get toothpaste on your lips; not an unpleasent feeling. I used to wear this quite often, but I can’t say that my lips got any plumper from it and for this I’m only giving 3 monkeys!"

Benefit Lip Gloss 5ml in Friends in High Places

They Say: “Look like a dream! Benefit’s luscious new lip glosses glide on with a dazzling shine that would never dream of being sticky!”

I Say: “I’ve never quite understood all the fuss about Benefit makeup. I have a few of their products, but for the prices they charge, they are really nothing special. I purchased this lip gloss at a discounted price – and I’m glad I didn’t pay the full price for it. It’s a lovely colour, but its pretty gloopy and sticky on my lips and the smell/taste of it is just so off-putting I don’t want to reapply it! An expensive brand doesn’t always mean superior quality, so I would defiantly recommend testing products out in store before you commit to buying something because of the label. The only positive comment I have is that the packaging looks lovely and for this it gets one monkey!”

Avon Glazewear Sparkle Lip Gloss 6ml in Cotton Candy

They Say: “Dazzling formula gives lips an incredible glossy high sparkle finish that doesn't feel sticky. Sheer to medium coverage that's comfortable to wear, and won't bleed or feather.”

I Say: “This is a pretty good lip gloss. The tube is quite tiny, but you get 6ml in there, so definite value for money. The colour is lovely and pink, with flecks of sparkles that you can see on your lips in the light – the perfect night out lip gloss I think as the tube is so pretty too. On the photo the applicator looks quite ‘dry’ compared to the other, but I find I only need to dip it in the tube once to get a good covering. I’m taking half a monkey away because of the sparklies – it makes it less of a day lip gloss – but apart from that I really recommend this!"

Bourjois Paris Effect 3D Lip Gloss 7.5ml in Rose Lyric

They Say: “Pout your way to the top! 3 dimensional shine, super glossy pumped up lips. A formula enriched with micro crystalline wax for a deep, voluminous and ultra-shiny result. The specially designed brush applicator delivers ultra-glossy precise results with ease.”

I Say: “I bought this in a rush because I needed another product to complete a 3 for 2 offer, but it has become my favourite lip gloss – the tube is pretty, the colour is gorgeous and the smell is lovely! The pink colour really shows up on my lips, and it’s so shiny that it really does have a 3d effect. The tiny brush applicator allows precision, and one coat is all it takes to get super glossy lips. All in all I can’t fault this lip gloss and I give it 5 monkeys!" 

In order of the reviews from the top - L'Oreal, Rimmel, Benefit, Avon, Bourjois
I hope you enjoyed the monkey review!

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