Friday, 28 January 2011

Last Day Of Work + Stila Haul

Today was my last day of work!

I've learnt a lot from working in an office - there are good days, bad days, and days when you just come home and have a cry. But as much as I grumbled about things, I was working with a lovely team - we had a laugh together through the bad times and they made it worth coming into work everyday. I got spoiled with an ASOS gift voucher which will definitely be spent before I go to bed!
I'm taking a lot of new found confidence and knowledge to my new job and I'm glad I got the spend the last two and a half years learning everything that I know now.

I think every job comes with a perk, and this is mine:

Staff discount is a wonderful thing!

This what I treated myself to - lots of photos, be warned!

Stila Eyeshadow in Champara 2.6g

Stila Eyeshadow in Sajama 2.6g

Stila Eyeshadow in Batura 2.6g

Stila Eyeshadow in Shore 2.6g

I managed to get these for a stupidly low price, mainly because they are refills, but the little cardboard boxes they come in are quite pretty so I don't mind just stacking them up on my dressing table until I can get a compact to keep them in.

All except Sajama are really pigmented and apply smoothly - with Sajama I had to keep applying layers just to get that little swatch. Champara and Shore have quite soft textures and you can see the colour shows up well on the skin. I have a feeling Champara will become my day colour as it's very neutral, and I will probably use Batura and Shore together for an evening look. Shore is really lovely and shimmery, it's definitely going to be well used!

Stila Shine Lip Colour in Pam 3g

Stila Shine Lip Colour in Chelsea 3g

Both of these lipsticks are gorgeous colours, and I love them because they are so petite! They have a lovely scent to them - I not really sure what it is, but they don't have that 'lipstick smell' to them; it's a tad more floral. I chose a dark colour and a light colour because like they eyeshadows, I like to differenciate my day looks and my evening looks.

'Pam' is quite a dark colour, not quite berry red, but it gives a lovely hint of colour, so it wouldn't be too much to pair it with a dark, smokey eye.
'Chelsea' is a lot more sheer and gives a nice hint of pink which is ideal for the daytime and could easily be worn for work. The photo shows little flecks of glitter, but once it's applied to the lips it's more shimmery than glittery. They are both very moisturising so dry lips needn't worry!

Have a lovely evening everyone


  1. great stuff you got there i love stila :)

  2. Oooh!! What a lovely haul! Those lipsticks look gorgeous.

    Good luck at your new job!! :)

  3. Wow! cute make up, you are so lucky.

    See you!

  4. @Alex - I've never tried Stila before, really pleased with it :)

    @Nicole Top To Toe - I know, it's so pretty and shimmery!

    @pretyinthedesert - Thank you so much :)

    @deppa - thanks, it's really cute!

  5. Love the colours of the eyeshadows. Thanks for commenting on my blog..x


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