Monday, 10 January 2011

Back To The Gym!

After over two weeks away from the gym for various reasons I finally went back tonight. There’s nothing worse than being surrounded by thin, beautiful people while feeling heavy and unhealthy – by this, I of course mean the cast of the Hills, who never fail to make to feel pale, unglamorous, and generally completely under par! I love the gym. I’ve missed it so much over Christmas, and I’m so glad to be back. I love nothing more than a good long run, or a session on the cross trainer; it definitely makes me feel so much better about my self, and it’s not just about staying slim – my skin looks better for going and I am more energized.

I won't lie though - tonight was an epic struggle. I think this was partly because the gym was so full of people, which made it unbearably hot before I'd even started and I only managed 50 minutes which I know is better than nothing, but I can do better. I'm hoping that everyone who has joined this month will quit within a few weeks and it will be quiet again!

As well as going to the gym, to help along with toning my stomach, I have a hula hoop!

I bought this off Amazon for around £20 last year and it works wonders! It’s a weighted hoop, and let me tell you, after swinging it round for half and hour or so you can feel the effects. When I first got it, I couldn’t manage 30 seconds and I kept laughing and losing my concentration, however it didn’t take long to work up to 40 minute sessions. I like to clear the living room and do it while I’m watching ANTM on a Saturday morning. If anyone wants a toned tummy and hips I can’t recommend a weighted hoop enough!

Now that I'm back at the gym, and getting back to a normal, healthy eating routine, I can start using my new
Soap and Glory SlimWear Slenderising Body Balm 200ml

I received this for Christmas - maybe I should have been offended, but honestly, it just saves me from splashing out on it! At £9.00 it's quite a lot cheaper than Soap and Glory Sit Tight, which I've also used.
The directions on the bottle specify that 'users who control their diets and get regular exercise will see the combined consequences more quickly'.
Now, I'm not completely daft. I know that a lotion is not going to get rid of any cellulite and firm up my thighs by itself, but I'm willing to give it a try! I'm going to use this every morning for a month to see what difference, if any it makes.

The lotion is green and has a slightly menthol flavour, which is actually quite nice I thought.
Look out for a monkey rating review in a few weeks time!


  1. That's so weird - I just got the t-zone scrub and foot cream from Soap and Glory and they are both the exact same consistency and colour and smell of methol! I find it puts me off a bit, although I mind it less on my face for some reason. Its very refreshing.

    Looking forward to your review!
    Please check out my Soap and Glory review at my blog if you're interested -

    I'm new to the blogginmg world too! And I love yours - I'm following :) xxx

  2. hi
    I thought of buying it also but than I didn't , I remember that i bought Nivea slimming gel and it was nothing but gel with bad smell.

    good luck


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