Friday, 27 May 2011

getting fit [fast]

Three weeks ago I bought this book:

Three weeks, 46573 lunges, 75752 squats and 346564 minutes on the treadmill later, I can honestly say I love it!

Before this book came into my life, my gym sessions had no structure. I may have made the effort to go three or four times a week but I had very little variety and unless I was feeling the body pump class once a week I did little to no weight training.

Oh how things change!

This book pushes me to include a mixture of cardio, resistance and ab training into almost every session and ensures I work out five times a week.

Some days are harder than others - 50 minutes on the cross trainer last night near enough killed me, but I persevered through to a slightly less hardcore 15 minutes cross trainer and 15 minutes cycle tonight followed by strength training.


You are encouraged to eat more good food.

There is a set meal plan but I decided to mostly stick to my own plan as I'm not keen on all of the recipes - and really, I don't have time to make a stack of pancakes on a work morning, much as I'd like to!

I may only have been a follower for three weeks but I've noticed changes. I'm eating more nuts and seeds for energy and less sugar; I find I'm turning to fruit for a sweet snack and, due to the meals I'm eating I'm losing the urge to snack between meals.

Ultimately my goal over the remaining nine weeks is to tone tone tone! If I lose weight along the way then great! But really I could do with a bit more muscle tone and definition especially with summer (hopefully!) just around the corner.

Well, my tum says it's dinner time!

Have a lovely Friday night!

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  1. Wow! Well done you!! 50 minutes on the cross trainer, I wish I had that sort of commitment! I just don't have the attention span.


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