Friday, 8 April 2011

Pink Friday

When the sun comes out I embrace my inner Barbie and flaunt my shameless love of all thing pink! Me and the boy have been invited to the first BBQ of the year at his brother's house tonight, so bring on the pink heels, pink nails, pink lips and pink cheeks! Slight overkill but it has to be done, no?

Have a lovely Friday night!


  1. what colour is that sleek blush? its lovely :) x

  2. @Adrienne - Its called Flamingo, I love it!

    @Nicole - Top To Toe - It's so bright, perfect for Summer!

  3. I recently bought that nail varnish in 'wave' it's a bright turquoise colour. I love it, it stays for quite a while before a few minor chips x

  4. Wow that picture really grabbed my attention!
    What blush is that?

  5. @leni - that colour sounds lovely, will have to go and check it out!

    @Nora Schu - It's Flamingo by Sleek, it's very pink!


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