Thursday, 28 April 2011

A Day In The Life Of My Face

At the moment I'm not using loads of facial products but my skin does seem to be behaving so I don't want to risk upsetting the routine!

This is what I am using on a daily basis.

7:30am Dirty Works Wake Up Call Face Wash
I've been using this face wash for quite a few weeks now and I'm really liking it. I'm not so keen on using exfoliators in the morning as they just encourage my skin to become oily throughout the day, so I find this gentle wash to be perfect alternative as it leaves my face feeling thoroughly cleansed. 

8.00am No7 Toner & Shiseido Moisturiser
I use this toner out of habit more than anything else, but I do like the soft, refreshed feeling it gives my skin. 
I only use a tiny amount of this moisturiser over my face in the mornings - probably about half a pump. You can read my full review here, but basically I love it as it doesn't make my skin oily and it acts as a pretty good primer for make up.

8:15am Make Up
I don't tend to wear loads of make up to work and I like to keep it quite natural. I also wear glasses in the week so I keep my eyes very minimal - literally only eye liner on my top lid and mascara - and either focus on a pop of colour on my cheeks, or a bright lipstick.

1.00pm Make Up Touch Up 
Lunchtime! This is the time to whip out the mirror and check how my face it holding up! Usually I don't need much - just a dusting of translucent powder and another coat of lipstick if I'm wearing any.

5:30pm Baby Wipes & Body Shop Vitamin E Cleanser
If I see my boyfriend after work I'm a bit naughty/lazy and just layer some more make up on over the top of what I've had on all day. However, if I'm going to the gym after work I need to make sure all of my make up is removed. People at the gym are probably the only people (apart from family and the boy) who see me make up-less. Lucky them! I love these baby wipes - they remove the vast majority of my make up, but I do like to make sure its all gone with a quick wash using The Body Shop's Vitamin E cleanser. This is also great for hydrating my skin, full review here.

7:30pm No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser
This cleanser has only recently become a daily part of my routine. I used to only use it once a week but after seeing people have amazing results with daily use I decided to up my game with it! I've already noticed my skin feels so much cleaner and softer for using it. The gentle exfoliation with the muslin cloth seems to be a lot better for my skin than a scrub so I'm going to continue with this daily.

7:45pm Avon Toner & Shiseido moisturiser
 When I first got this toner I was bit reluctant to try it but I'm glad it's part of my routine now. It's slightly harsher than the No7 toner but leaves my skin refreshed without drying it out.

I like to use a full pump to a pump and a half of this moisturiser at night to ensure my face is well hydrated. I never used to like moisturising at night as whenever I did I would wake up with skin so oily I would just end up getting upset over it. This sinks into my skin overnight and I wake up with a soft, smooth, healthy looking face!

So that's my daily routine - I'm glad I've found one that is working for me and manages to keep my skin under control!


  1. I love the title of this post! I really like the No 7 cleanser at the moment, let's hope it stays a favourite x

  2. @Fudgesmoothiesmakeup - Thank you! I hope so, I'm waiting for the No7 £5 vouchers to come back so I can buy more!

  3. I don't suppose you've used Liz Earles - I've been wanting to try the No7 stuff instead as I can get it with the £5 vouchers hehe!

    Ooh, the vouchers are back out btw :D xx


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