Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Colour Pop Lips!

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick £4.29 from Boots

Six months ago I wasn't a lipstick girl at all!
My collection has been steadily growing though and I've become a bit braver with bright colours - these two are definitely going to become my Spring/Summer staples.

Hot Chilli looks scarily orange in the tube but once applied it is a gorgeous bright coral and once blotted it is a lot less scary and very wearable.
Hawaii Pink is just beautiful - very bright but still suitable for everyday office wear.
The packaging is very sleek, and both lipsticks are creamy, moisturising and incredibly pigmented.

I'm very impressed and pleased with my new additions!

What colours will you be wearing on your lips this Summer?


  1. I love Hot Chilli - very bright but surprisingly wearable. Hawaii Pink looks gorgeous too. x

  2. I'm not too keen on Hot Chilli, but maybe that's cause I'm biased against Chillies in general ahah, love Hawaii Pink though! and ta for the comment :] x

  3. Hot Chilli is beautiful! Really suits you.


  4. I love bright lipsticks atm. These two look lovely! Might have to have a look

  5. wow, i would never have thought to even try the chilli one, as im not a fan of orange, but it looks great!
    love the pink too :)

  6. They are both gorgeous colours! I must take a proper look at a Collection 2000 stand next time I go shopping xx

  7. I find these a bit too drying but I love the colour range :) x


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