Sunday, 3 April 2011

Eye Majic - Instant Eyeshadow

Eye Majic
£3.50 for two sets of eyeshadow applications

I bought these on impulse after seeing them first on Gok's Fashion Fix (I think) and then they were featured on a full page in More magazine. They looked like a pretty fresh and interesting idea and I wanted to try them out! 

In the box you get two pairs of thin foam applicators that are already loaded with eyeshadow colours - there are ten different shades to choose from, ranging from a dark, smokey eye to neutral, natural colours and pretty pastels. I did want to try a smokey eye but they had sold out so I went for Shade No 4, a lovely natural, bronzy colour.

The instructions on the box are very simple and are as follows:

Step 1.
Press the Eye Majic applicator evenly against the eyelid using sufficient pressure for approx. four seconds.
Step 2.
Slide the applicator across the eyelid in an outward direction.
Step 3.
Use the reverse side of the applicator to blend or tone the eyeshadow for a softer look or to correct any errors.

I really wasn't expecting these to work but I was so pleased with the results!
The applicator fits my eye perfectly and the colours are so pigmented and pretty.

This shows the eyeshadow with no blending - you can see the colours are really strong and they all compliment each other.

This is the eyeshadow after blending with the back of the foam applicator and with added eyeliner and mascara/eyelashes.

If there are any areas that are missed you can just wipe your brush/finger over the remaining traces on the foam applicator and fill in any gaps. I only had to go over the outer edges of my eye as I think I was a bit heavy handed with the blending and may have rubbed a bit off.

Overall I have to say I am so impressed with these! You may only get one wear out of them, but you get two pairs in a pack for only £3.50 which is a total bargain for a product as good as this! The colour lasted around six hours before it started to crease, but I neglected to apply a primer first so they would probably last quite a bit longer.

They are perfect if, like me, you are not brilliant at layering and blending eyeshadows, or if you are just in a rush and don't want to waste time faffing with lots of makeup.

I am definitely going to stock up on these, especially the smokey eye look when it comes back into stock!

Have you ever used these before? Would you consider using them?


  1. These are such a brilliant idea and it actually works which is more impressive! x

  2. Ooh they're pretty cool! Must have a look for them x

  3. Such time savers! Really cool


  4. I like that nail paint colour showing in the photo, and that tagging as well with it. I love to do this on my nails.
    eye lift

  5. Oh wow, thats such an amazing idea! I cant believe how well it works as well. I'll definitely be picking myself up some of these, thank you :)

  6. @Jenny - I know, I really wasn't expecting such great results!

    @smoosh_kissxx - I've put the web address at the top of the post if you want to get some!

    @Chuui - They really are, they literally take two minutes to apply!

    @anton - thanks :)

    @Alex - You're welcome, let me know if you do get some!

  7. OMG these look amazing - must try! Thank you so much for posting these xxx


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