Monday, 11 April 2011

2 Weeks To Pretty Feet! Moisturisers & Butters

Are you wearing your flip flops yet?

I am, but I'm still working on making my feet even prettier for when we really get into the summer months!
This week, along with my Ped-Egg, I have been slathering my feet in a range of lovely moisturisers and butters in a bid to soften my heels and get beautiful glowing feet.

Here's what I have been loving this week:

Boots Gorgeous Feet Rapid Cracked Heel Repair 100ml £5.10
They Say: "Simply massage this balm into cracked heels for an overnight improvement. Continue for three days and you'll see a real difference as the special rejuvenating formulation works to repair damage and promote soft smooth heels once more."
First of all, the floral, vanilla smell of this cream is so delicious I could eat it! This is my newest foot purchase and I have been using it twice a day as directed. Maybe my heels were in quite a bad state, but it took between 5 and 7 days to see a noticeable difference, rather than the stated 3 days. Despite this, I really recommend this product! I usually apply quite a thick layer in the evening and pop some socks on overnight (does anyone else love wearing socks in bed? Just me?) and use a thinner layer for the daytime, and it really has worked wonders - the skin on the back of my feet looks a lot softer and smoother.

Body Shop Peppermint Cooling Foot Lotion 60ml £3.00
They Say: "Fights odour causing bacteria, and promotes a cooling sensation on the skin to leave feet feeling refreshed."
I tend to use this after my post gym shower as running often leaves me with weary feet and this is a pretty good pick me up. I'm not a great fan of the smell - peppermint is a bit too overpowering for me, but it doesn't linger too much and once I've put my cotton socks on the smell is pretty much covered up anyway. At £3 for 60ml this little tube is a bargain - I only use it three times a week so it lasts well.

Avon Foot Works Heel Softening Cream 75ml £2.50
They Say: "Cracking up? Give you heels some sanity. Relieves extremely dry, cracked skin on feet, providing 24 hour moisturisation. Helps heal and guard against skin infection in tender, cracked skin."
I purchased this a couple of months ago and despite the price, and the not so pretty packaging, it actually works quite well - just as well as the Boots Heel Repair in fact. I find that I don't reach for this as much now that I have a Boots version, but it's definitely a handy backup to have.

Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter 50ml £5.00
They Say: "An intensive creamy all over body moisturiser, offering up to 24 hours moisturisation with a sweet berry fragrance."

Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter 50ml £2.35
They Say: "Smooth, creamy and velvety. With skin softening shea butter and aloe vera to attract moisture."
These are my weekend luxury treatments! I love the thickness of these body butters and on a Sunday night I like to slather a thick layer of one on before covering up with cotton socks and my feet are left feeling gorgeous on Monday morning. A real treat for the feet!

Which foot creams have you been using? Do you mind wearing socks in bed?!


  1. Ooh! I have the Avon cream too!! It works really well, but the smelll :( I'm gonna have to start using it again. I'm lucky enough to wear sandals all year round, but my feet need a little extra tlc since it's gotten warmer.

  2. I'm currently using a lotion from Barielle but I really want to try some from Avon, it's so inexpensive!

  3. I love the bodyshop cherry butter, smells divine!!! I really need to buy some footcare creams ready for the summer months!

  4. I'm using the soap & glory foot cream at the minute,I switch it up some days and use the Lush Lemony Flutter also :)


  5. Thank you so much for this post, I have to get my feet in shape! :)



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