Friday, 22 April 2011

Fit Friday - Post Workout Breakfast

On weekdays I always go the gym in the evenings after work, but on a Saturday I like to get my workout out of the way first thing in the morning. This is usually a five mile run on an empty stomach so I'm pretty starved by the time I've finished and cooled down. This bowl of yummy goodness really hits the spot for me and keeps me going for a good couple of hours afterwards so I'm not snacking on sugary badness and ruining my hard work!

2tbsp porridge oats
1tbsp oatbran
125ml milk (or water, your choice)

Sprinkle of cinnamon - to boost the metabolism
1tsp peanut butter - great for protein and also satisfies my sweet tooth!
Half a banana
Handful of raisins - again for the sweet tooth!

I'm seriously addicted to this breakfast, I could easily eat it for all of my meals!

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