Monday, 18 April 2011

1 Week To Pretty Feet! Scholl Nail Brightening System

Scholl Healthy Nails Nail Brightening System 2x5ml £10.20

The last step to achieving gorgeous feet is making sure your toes are super pretty! Wearing dark nail polish on your toes may look nice but it can stain even if you wear a base coat - if you want to go colourless you certainly don't want your nails to have a yellowish tint - not pretty!

This little treatment promises healthy looking nails in an instant!

They Say: "Scholl Nail Brightening System is a 3 in 1 clinically proven, gentle and easy way to care, condition and treat discoloured toe nails caused by nail varnish stain or thickening of the nail."


Step 1: Gently file the thickened/discoloured part of the nail, moving the file in a circular motion until the majority of discolouration is removed. Further treatment should require less filing.
This is the only part I don't like - the nail file is quite harsh and made me cringe when I was using it - I much prefer a four way nail file which is a lot more gentle and still produces the same results.

Step 2: Turn clockwise to open. Apply nail gel using sponge applicator. Allow to dry completely before following step 3.
It doesn't matter how neatly you apply this gel as the aim is just to get the entire nail covered. The sponge applicator makes it easy to cover a large area with one swipe and it picks up quite a lot of product so you can do a couple of toes with just one dip in the gel.

Step 3: Apply nail brightener. Allow to dry. Apply second coat of nail brightener or coloured varnish as required.
This is no different to applying a base coat to your nails. The brush is a good size, but the length of the handle makes it a bit difficult to keep it neat.

Overall I am really pleased with this product! I saw a result after just one use, and after my second use a week later my nails look to be pretty much perfect, with no traces of polish stain. The directions specify to use once a week to reduce discolouration and then as often as needed to maintain the condition of the nail. I think I will continue with it once a week so my toes can look their very best when I show them off to the world!

So that's it for my three week guide to pretty feet - your feet should be looking beautiful! I hope you've enjoyed reading it!


  1. Hi Leah! I haven't seen this particular one before, it sounds like it does a pretty fabulous job :)

    Kisses, Melanie

  2. That looks fab, will definitely be giving it ago. Your photos are always really good quality, what camera do you use?

    I've nominated you for a sunshine award. Check it out @

  3. @Melanie - Yeah, it's defo worth trying out, I was really impressed with it!

    @Kylie Dee - Thank you, I use a Canon 350D. Thanks for the award, going to have a look now!


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