Thursday, 9 June 2011

Healthy Eton Mess

 I've been reading a lot of food/exercise/healthy living blogs recently, mainly due to my new diet and exercise routine - got to stay motivated! 

My top three favourites at the moment are:

So in the spirit of healthy eating, and to celebrate losing almost an inch off my stomach, may I present my healthified, 130 calorie, super tasty Eton Mess.

1 small meringue nest (I used Tesco's own at 55 calories each)
1 pot of low cal yogurt (I used Weight Watcher's Raspberry at 51 calories per pot)
As many raspberries or strawberries (or any berry!) as you like.

 Break up the meringue nest in to large and small chunks at the bottom of your glass/bowl.
Alternate layers of berries and yogurt - you can squish the berries up if you choose but I like to keep mine whole.

 Guilt free enjoyment!

What's your favourite healthified dessert?


  1. I love making this. Thanks for reminding me about it! yummy!

  2. Oh, that looks delish! I'm also on a diet now, have been for about two weeks and already lost some major inches. I fit in my old jeans again, that didn't even want to close about a month ago.

    And I hate excersise, so it even works, without me having to work out. Ha!

  3. Yumminess!! I love berries.

    Healthy dessert, hmmmm, that's a tough one cos I almost always go for cheesecake or a chocolate brownie.

    I would have to say fruit salad (strawberries, kiwi fruit, grapes and melon), granola, honey and plain yoghurt. It's a great treat and leaves you feeling satisfied.

  4. @Aphrosie - No problem!

    @I am Megan - Congrats on losing some inches, always a good feeling!

    @Tracy Hancock - Mmmm I love cheesecake too! Your fruit salad sounds delicious though :)

  5. you are the sweetest thing ever :) thanks for the love, beautiful girl! Right back atcha!

  6. This looks amazingly delicious! So creamy and healthy! I know that I love to snack on a bit of healthy fruit after running-on the Wii-so I will keep this in mind! Thanks!

  7. Hmmmm looks delicious! I can't live without yogurt! Even though my next goal is to go vegan, that will be hard...

  8. Oh yum!! I didn't even know what an eton was before this haha :) I love the links too, thanks for sharing! :)


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