Thursday, 23 June 2011

Hey, It's OK! [Birthday Stylee]

Monday is my birthday so I thought I'd treat you all to an it's OK list birthday style!

Hey, it's OK... make a very precise and detailed list of presents and still insist they are wrapped up, for that surprise element... make your own birthday cake - if you want a healthy cake made out of courgette/sweet potato/butternut squash then do it! exist on diet coke, courgettes and apples for a week so you look super thin before stuffing your face with said birthday cake and Thai food... justify a weeks worth of spending money on more lipsticks/nail polishes/clothes as 'a birthday treat to yourself'... 

Add your own!
It's OK to___


  1. Haha, great post! I would take it one step further and say its ok to order your own gifts on the net and then give them to your family to give you them back then you know that your getting exactly what your after! ;-)

  2. @Laura - haha thats an amazing suggestion! Definately one to keep in mind! :)

  3. Love these posts! Please keep them coming! =D


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