Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Wednesday's Wishlist

On Saturday me and my mum (and dad, and nan, and grandad) are taking a trip to Merry Hill shopping centre. I've got some birthday money to spend and my parents are going on a cruise holiday in a couple of months so my mum wants to do some holiday shopping, fun!

This might seem like a funny thing to say but I feel like I've lost my shopping mojo of late and I'm a bit anxious and nervous about shopping! Usually I have the boy with me and he is great at choosing clothes - I know I'm going to feel a bit lost without him there to help! 

With this in mind I thought I would do some Internet window shopping to try and put together some outfit ideas! Ideally I want clothes that I can wear both every day and to work, with a couple of bits I can take on holiday with me in September.

These are my choices, please let me know what you think!

1.River Island Blouse & River Island Skinny Jeans; 2.Miss Selfridge Photo Tee & Dorothy Perkins Palazzo Trousers; 3.Topshop Scallop Vest & River Island Floral Skirt

4.River Island Boob Tube & Miss Selfridge Floral Shorts; 5.H&M Dress; 6.River Island Espadrilles; 7.River Island Bow Sandals; 8.Accessorize Butterfly Necklace; 9.Topshop Straw Trilby; 10.Accessorize Garden Necklace

Which outfit is your favourite?
Do you prefer to buy full outfits or random pieces?


  1. Ooh! Great picks! My favorite outfits are 1, 3 and 4! 7 and 10 are gorgeous as well!
    I usually like to buy random pieces that somehow can work themselves into several outfits! =) Have fun shopping!

    Andrée xx

  2. Love those shoes!! And 3 and 4 :)

  3. I really love outfit no 1, I've been coveting a top just like that and I love the colour!

  4. @Straight Up Glam - I wish I was good at working in random pieces! Thank you, I'm looking foward to it!

    @Prettinthedesert - I was thinking flat shoes for holiday!

    @Laura - It's so pretty isn't it, hope I can find it when I go shopping!


Thank you for your comment, I love reading them!

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