Friday, 1 July 2011

Budget Blushers

If there's one item I can't live without it's blusher
There is no colour in my face without it and unless I want to risk people thinking I'm ill, I never leave the house without it. Because of this my collection is growing ever bigger!
These are my newest, very affordable blushers.

Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades in Blushalicious £4.19/12g
I opted for the blusher instead of the bronzer because I don't tan enough, but this little palette is gorgeous! Each shade is big enough to pick up individually on a small blush brush, but they look just as pretty all swirled together. It's hard to pick a favourite shade but I would have to go for top left and bottom right.

George @ Asda Blush in Cheeky £2.50
I always have a cheeky peruse of the George makeup when I'm in Asda and this pretty little blush caught my eye. For £2.50 you really can't go wrong - it's a decent size, very pigmented and it lasts! Because it's so cheap I don't mind just throwing it in my bag everyday use. I have a million pink blushers but one more can't hurt. (Swatch below)
Beauty UK Blush in Peaches and Cream £3.99
I adore this blusher. I searched high and low for a nice peachy blush that didn't give me dirty, orange cheeks - Sleek Coral, I'm looking at you - and I'm so pleased I picked this one up. I was a little unsure as I'd never used Beauty UK before but I will be buying again! You can see it in action here and I've worn it almost everyday since. It does come with a small brush attached to the underneath but sadly it's rubbish!

What's your favourite blush?


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  2. @Nora Schu - Yes, it's the Beauty UK Peaches and Cream blusher from this post! xxx

  3. The Collection 2000 blusher looks gorgeous. My favourite budget blushers are the Sleek ones of ELF Mineral Blusher is great too. x

  4. Theyre all lovely! I use the Tesco all about face blush for work, it's only £1.49 but its surprisingly good. I've been eyeing up the Beauty UK blush also, I picked up one for someone during a make-up swap but i'm wishing i'd bought myself one now!


  5. @LilyLipstick - I keep meaning to buy some ELF blushers!

    @smoosh_kissxx - I've heard about All About Face but the Tesco's in my town don't sell it! The Beauty UK is definately worth getting, for £3.99 it's a bargain :)

  6. Great post!! Love the swatches and images.
    Now I need to Collection 200 blush, love how you say it can be used as 4 shades.

    Fee x

  7. Hi Leah, the Peaches and Cream one looks SOOO pretty!

    Kisses, Melanie

  8. Ooo.. They look gorgeous. I thought the George one was NYX

  9. Wow! I definitely want the blusher from Asda. It's a gorgeous colour x x

  10. @Makeup Savvy - The Collection 2000 blush is great, definate value for money when you can essentially get 5 colours out of it!

    @Beauty and Bows - It's very pretty, I'm so pleased with it!

    @Isabel - They do look similar don't they?!

    @Jessie - It's a lovely colour, I'm so glad I bought it :)


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