Monday, 11 July 2011

In The Nude

 As my lipstick collection has been growing I've been finding myself becoming more fond of nude lipsticks. They are great for work and the times when you want to wear something on your lips without attracting too much attention to them.

These are the nude lipsticks I've found myself reaching for the most:

Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Barely There £3.99
Avon Ultra Colour Rich Lipstick in Pout £3.00

17 Mirror Shine Lipstick in Beehive £4.59

They do all look quite similar in the tubes but once they have been applied you can notice the differences straight away. Sleek 'Barely There' is the darkest of the three, Avon 'Pout' edges more towards a pinkish hue and 17 'Beehive' is the sheerest hint of colour. 

All three are incredibly creamy and moisturising and last me from breakfast till lunch without needing another application.

None of these lipsticks give the dreaded 'concealer lips' effect and they are all under a fiver!

What do you think of nude lipsticks?
Do you use any of these? 
Can you recommend me any other good ones?


  1. i love nudes lippies ... they goes excellent with smokey eyes.

  2. I use barely there AND LOVE it! The 2nd one looks gorgeous also! Might have to save the names of the other two to try out :D x

  3. I am the ultimate nude lip girl! I absolutely adore nude lips, and it is usually my lip color of choice, no matter what the rest of my makeup looks like. I am curious to see how the Avon one looks on, and might order it and give it a try!
    I have done a list of my top 6 favorite nude lipsticks a long time ago on my blog if you want to check it out for recommendations! I probably have about 10 more that I'd add to that list if I were to re-do it, though! =)

    Andrée xx

  4. I want to try barely there xxx

  5. I love barely there, ive been wearing it nearly everyday lately! x

  6. Ahhh I almost had Beehive but then it got stolen in the mail ARGH


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